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  Infectious Retinitis is caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or     
  parasites and which may result in damage to the retina and 

  ultimately vision loss. There is no cure but there are     

  preventative measures you can take to protect and make the    most of the vision you do have.


  • Floaters or decreased vision

  • Blurred vision caused by inflammatory haze

  • Sensitivity to light with red painful eyes

  • Systemically ill from fevers, chills or weight loss


  • Microbes

  • Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

  • Herpes zoster virus (HZV)

  • Acute retinal necrosis (ARN)

  • Progressive Outer Retinal Necrosis (PORN)

  • Cytomegalovirus (CMS)

  • Cat scratch disease from bartonella species (carried by cat fleas)

  • Lyme disease from Borrelia burgdorferi carried by Ixodes ticks

  • Syphilis caused by Treponema pallidum

  • Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium species

Infectious Retinitis.jpg

“This image was originally published in the Retina Image Bank® website.

Author: Thomas M. Aaberg, MD. Progressive Outer Retina Necrosis. Retina Image Bank. 2013; 3865. © the American Society of Retina Specialists."

Some people have unrelated infections which eventually make their way to the eye. These can often be bacterial or fungal (Candida) or from molds like Aspergillus. Some parasites also cause infectious diseases like toxoplasmosis, toxocariasis, and diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis (DUSN).



The source of the infection is treated directly in the eye. In some cases, this may involve injections directly into the eye, but oral or intravenous medications and laser treatments can also be offered as alternative treatments.

The success of the treatments depends depending on the specific site of the retinal infection. Visual outcomes are variable depending on the specific sites of retinal involvement.

To learn more about treatment options or any concerns you may have relating to Infectious Retinitis please schedule a visit with Dr El Annan at the Annan Retina Eye Center. Please call 346-22A-NNAN to speak to a member of staff who will be more than happy to help you.

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