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We know at times like this it can be very stressful and health insurance can often be quite a confusing affair. Here at the Annan Retina Eye Center we aim to ensure you get all the eligible benefits from your health insurance that you are entitled to.

Your health insurance plan is likely to cover most procedures and treatments performed at the center and we are more than happy to assist you with filing your claim. If you are unsure about what your coverage entails, please contact your insurance company for further information.


We work with all the major insurance companies. Listed below are just some of them. Please call us to discuss any inquiries you may have relating to your insurance company and medical cover or click on this link to see the full list of insurance companies.

Medicare logo
Medicaid logo.jpg
Aetna Insurance logo.png
Blue Gross Blue Shield logo.png
Cigna logo.png
Humana Insurance logo.png
United Healthcare logo.png

Please ensure that you bring your insurance card to every appointment. Medicaid patients also need to bring their current card to the appointment. Please ensure to update your address, phone number, employer, and insurance at each and every visit.


Also please expect to pay any deductible fees or co-payments relating to your policy at the time of your appointment. Most plans require pre-authorization before any appointment, diagnosis, or procedure is carried out.


Every patient is responsible for any fees associated with their treatment and procedure, but we will make every effort to help patients with their healthcare expenses. If you require any assistance or payment plan, please contact the front desk prior to your appointment to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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